Brand Values

At Abatti Ranch Wagyu, we promise an unforgettable culinary experience, whether you're enjoying our exceptional beef at home or in a fine dining establishment. Our commitment to excellence extends to our superior products, unparalleled industry expertise, and top-notch service. We offer flexible point-of-sale materials and versatile brand capabilities, setting us apart from the competition. As a family-owned, vertically integrated agribusiness, we ensure a consistent and reliable supply chain for our valued clients.

Our Difference

Here at Abatti Ranch Wagyu, we take pride in being one of the few American Wagyu beef companies reducing food miles by farming, growing, and harvesting regionally. Our commitment to local Imperial Valley, CA operations not only ensure happier, stress-free cattle but also significantly reduces our
environmental impact. By mastering the Japanese feeding style, we provide our cattle with the finest conditions, including snow-packed river water, premium feed, ample shade with misters, and spacious yards. Every detail is meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled experience, allowing you to indulge in the true luxury of Wagyu beef.

Who We Serve

Our clients distinguish themselves by only sourcing the finest American Wagyu Beef

Food Service

Abatti Ranch Wagyu is available to food service distributors and portion control steak companies. These purveyors enable top-rated restaurants to offer indulgent, umami flavor paired with their in-house culinary expertise.


Specialty and Gourmet Retailers can enhance their offerings and gain repeat customers with Abatti Ranch Wagyu offerings. Our retail customers take pride in knowing Abatti Ranch Wagyu cattle are born, raised, and harvested in the USA.

Further Processing

Abatti Ranch Wagyu prides itself on its customer service and flexibility to our processing clients. We offer trim and grind options as well as specialty cuts for deli operations.

American Wagyu Beef

At Abatti Ranch Wagyu, we proudly introduce the Wagyu-Holstein crossbreed,
combining the exceptional marbling of Wagyu beef with the rich, buttery flavor and extreme tenderness of Holstein cattle. Inspired by acclaimed Japanese practices, our innovative approach enhances both meat quality and cattle growth efficiency. This unique crossbreed delivers superior marbling and tenderness, offering an unrivaled gourmet experience. We are excited to bring these extraordinary qualities to the United States, setting a new standard for American Wagyu beef.

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100% American Wagyu

Grain Fed 550-Days Minimum, Wagyu Verified Genetics, No Hormones-Ever